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Soil Sweeteners by Lilly Miller

Super SweetSuper Sweet™

25 lb.

Why Lime?

Soils become acid or "sour" in several ways. Annual heavy rain can wash nutrients out of the soil leaving behind acid forming elements. Ammonium based fertilizers encourage a more acid soil, as does the natural breakdown of organic matter. A slightly acid soil is preferred; important growth elements become more available to plants, biological activity is increased and good soil structure is promoted. But, when soils become too acid, plant growth and yield suffer.

Why Lilly Miller Super Sweet?

Many types of lime can be used to correct this situation. The efficiency of the liming material depends primarily on the fineness of the product. Powdery hydrated lime acts quickly, but is difficult to handle. Coarse lime spreads well, but take months or years to get to work.

How it Works

Super Sweet is ground very fine then made into an easy to handle and apply prill. This prill quickly dissolves when water is applied.

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Soil SweetSoil Sweet™

40 lb.

Rich In Calcium And Magnesium

Lilly Miller Soil Sweet should be applied every year to replace important calcium and magnesium washed away by heavy winter rain. This mineral loss causes acid soils that can retard plant growth.

  • Helps any fertilizer work better.
  • Speeds bacterial action of organic matter.
  • Improves physical properties of soil.
  • Corrects one of the moss-causing soil conditions — acid soil.
Free Flowing / Granular

The excellent free-flowing quality of this product makes it ideal for spreader application.

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