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Garden Treatments by Lilly Miller

If yellowing plants and foliage are the problem, Lilly Miller® IronSafe® is the solution.

A lush, deep green color and lots of strong growth are the signs of a vigorous plant. Extra iron can give your plants that beautiful green color and keep them growing great. Turn yellowing, iron-starved plants green again with Lilly Miller® IronSafe®.

IronSafe® can be used in all soil types, and is especially effective in high alkaline soils. IronSafe® is made with iron sucrate, a longer-lasting and more evenly-available form of iron. And IronSafe® does not leave rust stains on concrete or clothing.


Systemic Rose, Shrub & Flower Care

4 lb. Canister

8-12-4 Rose Food plus Insect Control

Kills damaging insects while feeding your plants.

  • Feeds plants and provides 6-week protection
  • Internal insect protection not affected by rain or sprinkling
  • Kills both chewing and sucking insects: Aphids, Worms, Thrips, Leafminers, and Root Weevils

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Vitamin B1 Plant Starter

Quart, Gallon

Provides Chelated Iron, Manganese and Zinc

Reduces Transplant Shock

Use Lilly Miller® Vitamin B1 Plant Starter to reduce transplant shock for your shrubs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, groundcovers and houseplants.

Use For
  • Ornamental Shrubs and Trees, Fruit and Nut Trees, Citrus, Berries (balled, bare root or in containers)
  • Bedding plants (annual and perennial flowers), Groundcovers, Vegetables and Herbs (from transplants, bulbs, or seed)
  • House Plants (when repotting and at planting)

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Vita Start LiquidVita Start® Liquid


Stimulates Root And Foliage Growth

Use for shrubs, flowers, groundcovers, houseplants and turf.

Vitamin B-1 Plus Two Rooting Hormones

Vita Start® contains hormone-like materials that stimulate earlier and more rapid root development. It provides nitrogen, chelated iron, manganese and zinc trace minerals; elements necessary for successful plant growth.

Reduces Transplant Shock

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